International Rock Flipping Day 2009
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"Literature helps us understand who we are..."

Amy Bowllan's "Writers Against Racism" series at her School Library Journal blog has been outstanding. Today's guest is Edith Campbell, a school media specialist in Indianapolis. I thought the following was so spot-on that I made it the title of this post!

Amy Bowllan: In what way can literature be used to combat the effects of racism and promote tolerance?
Edith Campbell: Literature helps us understand who we are and to find our place in the world. Literature makes sense of history, psychology, sociology and more. Everything that humans have done or will do can be laid out in a good story and if we are wise enough to be open to the message, we can learn without the pain and suffering found in the real world. Literature (fiction or non-fiction) can also help us understand our commonalities and differences.

Read the entire interview here. You'll find links to the rest of the excellent series, too. Edith Campbell also blogs at Crazy Quilts.


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You always come through with good links, Susan, but I think today's have been phenomenal. Even though I remain uncertain about rock-flipping.

Thank you for using my quote to share the message of this wonderful project!

Thank you, Kelly. I was so moved by Edi's words at Amy Bowllan's blog. And I think you have it in you to be a rock flipper...

Edi, you're so very welcome. The project is wonderful. So was what you said!

Thank you the heads up and link to Ms. Campbell's interview. Wonderful stuff!

Jon, you're welcome. I loved what she said! Those words gave me such a thrill when I read them. I actually clapped. (And there was no one around to hear me. What a nut.)

Amy's whole series has been excellent.

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