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Coffee Talk, September 22nd


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Very interesting, Susan!
Makes me consider a chicken or two. They are cute and I, too, like angel food cake.

Rose Kent

Rose, chickens are fun! I love having them.

Okay, this is SO cool.
I talked to my brother yesterday to get an update on Hennessey, his Rhodie. He says she now makes a noise like purring... I love how weird that is!

Susan, how do chickens do in extremely cold weather? I'm upstate NY and we get five-dog nights!

Tanita, Rhode Island Reds are so pretty! How many does your brother have? They're very good layers. The little sounds chickens make are so interesting. Ours definitely "talk" to us.

Rose, the two I have do just fine. They seem more bothered that they don't get out and about as much in the winter than the temps. Be sure and buy the hardy kind that's well-suited for cold, if you get some.

This totally makes me want to get a couple of chickens!!

Jennifer, I LOVE having chickens. They're very humorous.

What an awesome video you found! I loved it! This is my first time to your website & I can tell I'm already going to love it! Now...as a child I had pet chickens (which actually my grandmother didn't see as pets and so our "pets" would end up on the kitchen table), but one day I can't wait to own chickens again, which will never end up on any table (LOL). Chickens are really little amazing creatures!!! I can't wait to keep reading your blog!!

Kamela, I had a chicken that "disappeared" one summer, too, long ago. Thanks for stopping by. I usually talk about kids' books, but digress into chicken talk every once and a while.

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