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International Rock Flipping Day 2009

 6a00d834516d9569e200e554dffca98833-120wi International Rock Flipping Day is Sunday, September 20th. Turn over a rock, see and identify what's under it, and write a blog post or submit a Flickr set of photos. (And put the rock right back where you found it.) It sounds like something a six year old invented, but the credit goes to several grown-up nature enthusiasts, including one "doyenne of invertebrate bloggers." You'll find more information at Wanderin' Weeta, a nature blog.

Junior and I participated last year and found Asian shore crabs, mussels, and clams under rocks at the beach. See this report from September '08.

Dave Bronta, a flip-day founder who blogs at Via Negativa, wrote, "[P]eople flipped rocks on four continents on sites ranging from mountaintops to urban centers to the floors of shallow seas. Rock-flippers found frogs, snakes, and invertebrates of every description, as well as fossils and other cool stuff. As before, we advise wearing gloves for protection, and getting the whole family involved — or if you don’t have a family, rope in some neighborhood kids."

Five, six, and seven year olds interested in the rocks themselves might like Nancy Elizabeth Wallace's Rocks! Rocks! Rocks! (Marshall Cavendish Children's Books, 2009), a picture book that introduces concepts about rock formation and other topics in simple language. (I wish the author hadn't cutely called igneous rocks "iggy," but I doubt kids will care.) 

For more in-depth reading, older children can look for National Audubon Society First Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals (Scholastic, 1998).

Review copy of Rocks! Rocks! Rocks! provided by the publisher. The Audubon Society field guide from our home collection.


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Ooh! It's INTERNATIONAL. And there's that awesome logo!!! It sounds like so much fun.

Tanita! You could do it, too, and show us Scottish critters. I'd be happy to post your photos here! I think of this as a hoot of a holiday--silly and fun, but with a real point to it, i.e. appreciating nature.

Stuff like this restores my faith in civilization. Thanks for the heads-up!

You're welcome, Kate! I had a great time doing this last year, and stumbled onto a bunch of great nature blogs because of it.

Ah...I sure it's in honor of my birthday. :)

I mean *I'm" sure...

Do I dare tell Lucas about this? I'd probably better.

Cindy, yep, we'll flip a rock for you on your b'day!

Adrienne, it's fun! I bet Lucas would like it.

Sounds right up Steve's alley!

I think Steve should definitely flip in France. And in French, too. I'll post a picture here if he does!

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