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A "Boy Year," for The Book Whisperer

Donalynn Miller, a Texas language-arts teacher who also writes a blog at Teacher Magazine, is having a "boy year," in which guys make up about 2/3 of her middle-school students. She's loving it.

Go see what they're reading, and contribute your book recommendations in the comments. It's fun checking out what other teachers and parents are suggesting, too. My boy is currently engrossed in Encylopedia Horrifica and is thrilled that he received The Encyclopedia of Immaturity as a gift recently.

Link: "Boy Year," at The Book Whisperer

via Jen Robinson at PBS Parents' Booklights blog


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Glad you liked this one, Susan. Thanks for linking.

Ooh, I had one of those! I had fifteen boys and two girls when I taught fifth grade. It was... exciting, to say the least. It kind of changes the way you look at your curriculum. To say the least, we did more hands-on stuff outside for science! It was a good experience; I think if I went back to the elementary classroom I'd like to keep that more hands-on/outdoor vibe going. It was fun for the girls, too.

Of course, for some of us, every day is a boy day...

Jen, you're welcome. I always enjoy your roundups.

Hands-on and outdoors: I would have loved more of that in school, Tanita. Do you think you'd ever teach elementary school again?

Absolutely, Charlotte! Did you read Donalynn Miller's book The Book Whisperer? I liked it a lot.

Interesting...I will read it. Maybe it will guide me. Planning to be a teacher...",)

My boy is 21 years old now, but he really devoured books, so much so that teachers had to fuss at him to stop reading in class. His step dad is a real book worm, so he had a good male role model for book reading. He loved classic adventure stories, scary books and anything science fiction or animal related.

Emily, my son really likes scary books too--and the animal books. The second-grade kids I read to LOVE books about animals. They can't get enough.

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