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This Is Why I Want to Read Diary of a Wimpy Kid 4: Dog Days

Because this description in Welcome to My Tweendom's review cracked me up.

Mom’s next big idea is a reading club with all of the neighborhood guys. When she asks them to bring books they would like to discuss, some of the titles that arrive are: SUDOKU INSANITY, ULTIMATE VIDEO GAME CHEATS, GREEN WASP, AND XTREME POP-UP SHARKS! Greg’s mom deems all of these too violent and suggests some classic titles, like Little Women, The Yearling, Old Yeller, and Anne of Green Gables! Guess how many guys make it to the second meeting? 
Read the entire review at Welcome to My Tweendom.

The scenario struck me as so funny (and so well-intentioned and Mom-ish, if I may be so bold to speak for my people) that I knew I had to read the book myself. Since my son owns a copy, it should be no problem.

Our neighborhood's school library cannot keep any of the Wimpy Kid books on the shelves; there are waiting lists for all four in the series.


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Thank you for doing this blog! It's always nice to find other parents who are instilling the importance of reading. Now I'm going to have to go find a copy of the Wimpy Kid book because it sounds hilarious! Unfortunately, my son isn't old enough to have a copy...

Stephanie, thanks for stopping by! The Wimpy Kid books are very funny and irreverent, and at my son's school (and many others) the children can't get enough of them!

A friend of my pre-ordered two of the latest Wimpy Kid books for her twin boys. When I asked her why they couldn't just share a copy she explained that two copies would allow her an afternoon of actual peace while they gobbled up the books, whereas one copy would certainly result in the world ending. (My son read the whole thing in one his room...quietly!)

Ha! That's great. I know someone who said that the worst thing she ever did was order one Gameboy for her three sons to share.

I read the new one the day after it came out and, indeed, it was funny. I feel for that mother--she's so well-intentioned.

I decided not to mess around with this new release and bought TEN copies for my library. That was quite a satisfying number of really excited kids on release day.

Ten! Adrienne, that's great! Our school library could use that many, I'm sure.

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