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Oh, I'm all about the retractable claws.
...have to admit that I'm baffled how a tail would help me, though. For sheer chase-ability, though? I can see how that would be cool...

So cute.

I think I'll go with the tail, for help with balance--said the woman who tripped on the hiking trail last week.

I try to remember conversations like this and the first graders'. So funny.

GREAT conversation capture!

I'm with Tanita. I'd like the retractable claws as well.

I like the way these two think! I'd just like to have nine lives!

Yeah, me, too, Elaine!

One day when I was with my first-grade reading buddies, one little girl told me about "brooming" the floor. I knew what she meant--sweeping--but I liked the way she invented "brooming" on the spot. I really enjoy listening to kids talk.

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