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Children's Literature Cafe at the NYPL

On November 7th I took part in a panel discussion at the New York Public Library. What an honor to have been asked! Led by Elizabeth Bird, NYPL librarian and moderator extraordinaire, our group of bloggers—Pam Coughlan (MotherReader), Anne Boles Levy (Cybils), Elizabeth Burns (A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy), and I—talked about the Cybils awards, children's book blogs in general, and recent book controversies. There was a lot to cover in an hour.

I mentioned how much I appreciated the reviews of the books nominated in the various Cybils categories. The blogs Carol's Corner and Literate Lives are writing up many nonfiction picture books; I'm making note of titles to share with my first-grade reading buddies. Nugget on the Flight Deck, a fun book about aircraft-carrier lingo, is one I first learned about from the critique at Not Just for Kids. As a result of our talk, reviews are now linked to the nominated titles at the Cybils blog.

You'll find other writeups at Bookish Blather, who was in the audience, as well as at Tea Cozy, MotherReader, the Cybils blog, and Elizabeth Bird's A Fuse #8 Production.

Author and illustrator Melanie Hope Greenberg kindly took pictures. 


Left to right: Elizabeth Bird, me, Elizabeth Burns, Anne Boles Levy, and Pam Coughlan


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Ah, I wish I could have been there!

Adrienne, I wish you could have been there, too! There's a very cool Japanese bookstore right near the library with all kinds of fun stuff: papers, little notebooks, etc. Bet you'd like it!

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