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Poetry Friday: Altered Talk #1

Hey, That's Me!

Sometimes I do other things besides blog. No, really. For instance, I have this new pair of binoculars, and I use them to check out the bird life in the neighborhood and nearby—in addition to the two hens in the front-yard chicken coop, of course. Recently the new binocs and I were captured not on film but in a sketch. Go see.


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Okay, how cool is that???

Very cool, Susan! What a nice bonus for you.

Tanita and Jen, the sketch is by my friend Elaine Clayton, who is a children's book author and illustrator. I'm not sure I've ever been in a sketch before!

Very cool!

Hi Susan! This is neat-o. Your newest subscriber, Mary Elizabeth

Howdy, neighbor. Thanks for dropping by--and for subscribing!

MoReader, yes, fun! I was very tickled to be in a sketch.

Nice, indeed!

Wowser! Way cool to be sketched! Way cool to be standing at the shore wondering about the birds out on the water! (I'm WAY jealous!!!)

Adrienne and Mary Lee, I am totally enjoying carrying the binocs around and spying on the neighborhood and nearby beach's wildlife. The other day at another beach i saw a loon.

What a relaxing way to spend a wonderful day!

Tracy, Velocity Fulfillment

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