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Welcome, Choice Literacy Readers!

A big welcome to the readers of Choice Literacy's excellent newsletter, which kindly mentioned Chicken Spaghetti's "Best Children's Books of 2009: The Big List of Lists."  The weekly newsletter is free, and I highly recommend it.  

To find out more about the organization, check its web site, which says that Choice Literacy is "the home on the web for K-12 literacy leaders. We are literacy coaches, teachers, and school leaders with experience in dozens of diverse classrooms. This site presents the best of the tools, guides, literacy lessons, and sage advice we've gathered and tucked away as we've worked together over the years."

If you haven't seen the Chicken Spaghetti list lately, lots of best-kids-books links have been added, including those from Smithsonian Magazine, Audio File, and Nick Jr.


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Thank you for the welcome! I am a mom, teacher, supervisor of reading, and past literacy coach in an elementary school. I am now a fan of Chicken Spaghetti as well as a member of Choice Literacy. Let's work together to get all children to love books and reading! I also have a blog called Growing Readers & would love for you to stop by!

Thanks, Gail. I will stop by your blog!

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