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Monday Morning Coffee Talk, 1.11.10

Carmen Tafolla's What Can You Do with a Paleta? has won the Charlotte Zolotow Award for outstanding writing in a picture book. No online link yet, but the information will surely be posted soon at the University of Wisconsin's Cooperative Children's Book Center, which sponsors the prize. (news via Kathleen T. Horning on the CCBC-Net listserv)

Last week the new ambassador for young people's literature was announced: Katherine Paterson. Hurray! A big group of bloggers also saluted the outgoing ambassador, Jon Scieszka. Though late, I'll add to the chorus: thank you very much, Mr. S.!

The Newbery, Caldecott, and a host of other children's book awards will be announced on January 18th. Details at the web site of the prizes' sponsor, the American Library Association. A plea to the ALA: please, please, please put a clearly labelled link on your home page so other readers don't have to hunt around the whole site. And while I'm at it, "ALA Youth Media Awards" means nothing to the general public; please include the words "Newbery" and "Caldecott." Thank you.

Elizabeth Bird, of the New York Public Library and A Fuse #8 Production, is taking a poll of the top 100 children's fictional chapter books. What's your favorite?

The NAACP Image Awards include honors for children's and teens' books. The 2009 nominees make up a very interesting list.

At the blog Charlotte's Library, you'll find a good list of 2009 children's books featuring dragons. (When I was little, I wanted so much for dragons to be real.)

Want a laugh? The hilarious blog Awful Library Books gave the nod to the best awful books of the year last month.

Meanwhile the proprietor of My Parents Were Awesome has a book deal, says GalleyCat.

Also cool: the cakes inspired by children's books, at Cake Wrecks.


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Thanks for these links, especially the My Parents Were Awesome blog. How wonderful! Happy New Year!

Isn't that blog a hoot, Vivian? I get a kick out of it.

Thanks for sharing the Charlotte Zolotow award, I hadn't heard about it yet.

For a bunch of "information professionals" I find the ALA website more and more inscrutable every time they improve/redesign it. Alas, I know what you mean about the link. Hopeless. Fingers crossed this year.

Tasha, you're welcome. I like that award and always hear about books I haven't read yet.

BookMoot, yes, fingers crossed. "Inscrutable" is exactly right!

I'm going to try to watch the ALA announcements online again this year. There are a few books I'm pulling for. :) Next year, I should be there for the LIVE announcements, which is always so exciting.

I've tried watching for several years but never got through. However, I have a faster computer now, and maybe that will help.

Okay--that Wild Thing cake is the coolest. Man, I wish I could do that!

Thanks for sharing all these great links.

January 18th is right around the corner. I can't believe the awards are going to be announced again. It feels like they just were. Time flies!

Lori, I know. Where did the year go? Swoosh, and it was over.

You're welcome for the links! Thanks for stopping by to chat!

I want to eat all those cakes.

Aren't they wonderful!

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