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I've noticed a real uptick in spam comments, too, Susan. These are people who take the time to go through the catchpa process, to use the comments to try to sell something. I'm sure that you're seeing the same ones. Crazy! If these people would put their energy to something productive, who knows what they could accomplish!

Jen, yes, exactly. The comments themselves are fairly relevant, but always advertising something with the link. A lot were slipping through.

I had to start moderation sometime last year. I was being overwhelmed with spam. Visitors can make comments on the most recent posts, but after that I have to approve. I still have posts from years ago that I know have dozens, if not dozens and dozens, of spam comments. I'll never live long enough to clean them all up.

Here, here! I've had the same problem and turned on moderation. It hasn't seemed to stop the amount, though...but at least I can keep them from appearing on my blog! Good luck!

Gail and Laura, dealing with spam is a pain, but, right, at least we can swat them away before they see print. That's a good thing, as Martha would say.

I have also had an increased amount of spam, so I feel your pain. It galls me that it takes the people who create it so much less time to throw it into the world than it does for me to deal with it.

I don't know if it's because my blogs are starting to get a little more popular or what but I've noticed many book blogs especially are using moderation or word verification because of an increase in spam. I'm using moderation for my product review/info blog but not my book blog so far. I'm able to keep up with the spam on that one, for now.

I've been seeing more spam comments lately too. Weird.

One blog I like to visit posts a "spambot of the week." They're pretty funny...

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