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Monday Morning Coffee Talk, 1.11.10

I'm a Turkey!

0439903645_sm  Don't worry. The title of this post is not a confession by yours truly. Instead, it refers to Jim Arnosky's goofy, sunny-colored picture book devoted to wild turkeys. I'm a Turkey!, written for the youngest readers (aged 2-5), conveys real facts in its rhyming text. (Real facts aside from the first-person narration, that is.) "A great big bird weighing fifteen pounds/take some time getting off the ground." Yes, turkeys fly. They also roost in trees at night, as the all-turkey sunset silhouette demonstrates. A quick read-aloud and a must for anyone who has ever practiced gobbling*, the book has this reader hoping that the local flock will soon make an appearance.

*Okay, you got me. That could be a confession right there.

Arnosky, Jim, I'm a Turkey! Scholastic Press, 2009. ISBN-10: 0439903645. ISBN-13: 978-0439903646.


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Well, I assume if you could pick, you'd go for being a chicken instead. :)

I am really grateful for Arnosky's animal-themed picture books like this. They are fun to read and satisfy kids' curiosity about the natural world.

Adrienne, oh, yes, a chicken, of course.

I appreciated that this book was about the turkeys themselves and not about evading Thanksgiving. Light-hearted with facts.

Have you heard the song? My review of I'm a Turkey includes a link to the song. Listen to it, it's so cute.

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