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On Behalf of Lunch Ladies

A recent conversation with my son, age 10.

Junior: Mom, when you were in school, were the lunch ladies mean?

Me: Hmm. No, they weren't. I remember them as being nice.

Junior (with relief in his voice): Yeah, they're nice. At my school they're nice. But in books they're always mean.

Me: Yeah, I noticed that, too. 

Junior: It isn't true.

Me: Nope.


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You need to get him the Lunch Lady series by Jarrett Krosoczka - the lunch lady in those is pretty nice & funny!

Awwwww. SO. CUTE, this kid. And such a good heart, not wanting the lunch ladies to be unfairly labeled.

Kathy, yes, that Lunch Lady is an exception, isn't she?

Tanita, I could tell he was relieved!

That is really cute! And I second Kathy's point that the Lunch Lady from Krosoczka is an exception.

Actually, my grandmother was a lunch lady for a while. So I never bought into the negative stigmas at all.

Love this.

Jen and Steph,

I think he's been reading the Wayside School books...

I'm a Lunch Lady! I love being around the children every day.

Katie, I can image the conversations you hear! What fun.


"Serve you?"

Clearly, someone needs to write a book that features a lunch lady as its charming heroine. Maybe it will be your son!

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