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Monday Afternoon Coffee Break, 2.1.10

When You're Six, You Might Like to Read About...

  • Fish
  • Dinosaurs
  • Dolphins
  • Dora the Explorer
  • The Cat in the Hat
  • Princesses
  • Mermaids
  • Christmas
  • Santa Claus
  • Easter bunnies
  • Sharks
  • The penguins in "Happy Feet"

This list was made by my first-grade reading buddies, after I asked them what sorts of subjects they are interested in. Both girls' skills are really improving; they're working hard.

This morning their favorite book was "Hi, Pizza Man!" by Virginia Walter. It has a lot of things that the first-graders like: big illustrations, a silly streak, animals, and a familiar subject (pizza). Situations where you guess what comes next make for fun, too.This small group likes picture books with only one or two sentences a page and a good refrain; otherwise, reading gets too long and involved. But "Hi, Pizza Man!"? They liked it so much that they read it twice. 


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Love this list! I'm curious about how it might be different with two boys... or in a mixed group. Was interested to see none of the topics that came to mind was "food"--since there are SO many books for that age level about food, and I loved 'em--but then, they did love the pizza book. I wonder if food doesn't come to mind as a topic in and of itself, maybe because of its very familiarity...


a couple of years ago two girls I read with loved to draw pictures of parties and talk about the cake and snacks that would be served. They might have mentioned food. Last year's reading buddies (boys) were interested in dinosaurs and poisonous animals. I get such a kick out of these conversations.

My daugher's a first grader, and fish, dinosaurs, dolphins, and sharks are our top choices for any non-fic reading right now. Mermaid stories always grab her attention too. This is a great list and I've got Hey, Pizza Man! on my library list now.

Sarah, yeah, fish. I wouldn't have guessed fish, but there we go. Interesting that your daughter likes that subject, too!

Working with first graders is such fun. Every time they read, I see them absorbing more and more.

Hi, Pizza Man is out of print, which is a total crime. We love using it in storytime, and our circulating copies are just beat nearly to death.

My six year old got hold of his older brother's wimpy kid books and that is all he wants to read to himself SIGH SIGH

I long for the good old days of fish and sharks and dinosaurs!

Adrienne, I can see how well the book would work at a storytime. We got our copy from Scholastic years ago.

Ha, Charlotte. Then he is a good reader! But I know what you mean. :)

I can't believe "fairies" didn't make the list. Or "trucks"!

I ran across this book last year and was surprised at how I loved it. Since I'm basically a six-year-old in a grown-up body, I'm not surprised that the kids wanted to re-read it! :)

I love reading with this age group, and linking in art, culture, and/or music in some way.

Chinese New Year is coming up on February 14th. Young children will love reading some of the many related picture books, creating related artwork (especially if they love animals), and even putting together some culinary delights! The possibilities are endless...


My five year old son, would agree with a lot from this list. Currently enjoying Hare vs Tortoise:The Rematch Haven't read many books featuring Princesses, but he did really enjoy Tinker Belle recently.

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