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Elisha Cooper on "Farm," at PW

Cover  I'm looking forward to seeing what children's book author Elisha Cooper has been up to. He has a new picture book, Farm (Orchard Books, 2010), due out in April, and Publishers Weekly interviewed him recently here

PW: It seems as though immersing yourself in various worlds—of farming, dance, baseball, the beach—is an important part of creating a book. 
EC: Yes, definitely. I love all parts of making books. I love the sketching, painting, writing, design, and the crafting of a book. But if there's one part I love most, it's probably that raw, initial moment when it's just me and my sketchbook and I'm standing in a field, or in a dance studio, and it comes together. Watching the way a dancer moves, noticing that a tractor looks like a beetle. You have to be there, in that moment. That is a huge part of what I do.

Cooper, a former colleague of mine, stopped by the blog a while back to talk about ridiculous/hilarious/terrible/cool, a nonfiction young adult book documenting a year in the life of a Chicago high school. You can read about that one here.

Cover image borrowed from Powell's Books


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That reads as really interesting, will have to check out more, and see if it is published here.

I've got this, and I like it. He'll be stopping by 7-Imp later.

I thought of you when I saw CHICKEN SCRATCHES: POULTRY POETRY AND ROOSTER RHYMES. I think it's from Chronicle. I've got a copy somewhere around here. It's by George Shannon and Lynn Brunelle and ill. by Scott Menchin.

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