Whatcha Readin'?
Sing Out


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Oh, now much more do I like this than the original?? And the original is pretty fun. I love how they got each and every one of those kids involved -- no one looks like "Meh, I hate this," even those not as enthused smile when the camera comes by. They're amazing - they look great, and YAY for The Giver! I would be stoked if someone danced around with one of my books!

Yay, Ocoee Middle School!

This video makes me really happy, too. Hurray for the Ocoee Middle School.

Awesome for sure! Thanks for posting! The theme of the BC Summer Reading program this year is "Reading Rocks" and I think I might send this out on the listserv for inspiration in case any libraries want to try something similar ;-)

Els, this video sure fits the Reading Rocks theme! I've been a fan of YouTube videos in which ordinary folks take a song and make it their own, but this one takes the cake!

Brilliant, reading should be this exciting. Perhaps not every day, I would pass out!

wow, this is pretty unique, I will share it with my friends about it, this is a great example of getting young people engaged in reading.
Good info.

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