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Looong Novel, Foodies, and So On

Nicola_Bayley_1-1 Remember the movie Endless Love? I am reading Endless Book. Vanity Fair has hijacked my spring. Just when I think things are heading to a close, a minor character becomes major. I know I'll be glad to have read the novel, but at this point (page 700 out of 800), I feel like I'm in a wrestling match.

Meanwhile, all these interesting things are happening.

At PBS Kids' Booklights blog, Terry started "Bookworm Basics," a series about building a home library for a child. Lots of good ideas. Don't forget about the free bookplates available at the UK's My Home Library. (That's one, by Nicola Bayley, on the right.)

My friends the excellent cooks (and fellow chicken owners) Michelle and Steve started a new blog, Gourmandistan. They say, "Those entering Gourmandistan should be prepared to endure tales of farmers, farm shares, fancy and not so fancy restaurants and features of a good kitchen—as well as recipes, amateur food porn and scathing contempt for industrial 'food.'" Don't miss their simple but AWESOME vinaigrette recipe that changed my life.

The Summer Blog Blast Tour series of interviews with children's and young adult authors. The master schedule is at Chasing Ray.

MotherReader's 48 hour readathon begins soon. Details here.


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You know, I think I read Vanity Fair when I was in high school. I've thought of reading it again. Or Barchester Towers, which I think is from around the same era.

Perhaps someone will do a vampire/zombie/werewolf mashup of one of those books. I'm sure that would encourage me to read them.

Gail! You're onto something with the mash-up idea. I can picture the Vanity Fair vampire version.

A vinaigrette recipe and bookplates in the same post? How Perfect!

Janelle, I would probably talk about recipes 24/7 if given a chance! Try the vinaigrette, though. Really good.

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