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Poetry Friday: Spring Footwear Memo

I am writing

to ask for your


            with having our students wear



            to school each day.

            The warm weather has brought about

a desire

            among some students to wear

flip flops


to school.


    [safety issues]




ask that you


            have your children wear

flip flops


Thank you for your help.

Adapted by S.T.


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Gack. Safe footwear. Thanks for helping me stay focused on the truly IMPORTANT issues in education (even IF the weather is getting warm and there are only 19 more student days of school left {but who's counting?} )

Mary Lee, no doubt you recognize a note from the administration when you see one!

A fried of mine who worked at an accounting firm back in the late 80s got many memos on what was acceptable to wear on Casual Friday: First, casual pants. Then, khakis, no jeans. Khakis with a belt please. Shirt-tails tucked in. Shirts with collars. etc. I wish she still had them; I'd poetize 'em.

Sometimes I think dress codes are a good idea, but it's only until I think about having to adhere to one myself. Some days, getting dressed is the most fun I have.

"Some days, getting dressed is the most fun I have." Amen, Adrienne! I was just thinking yesterday how one of my favorite outfits way back when consisted of pink flowered bike shorts and a big "Frankie Says Relax" t-shirt. It makes me laugh now, but I sure did love it.

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