Under a Red Sky
Lafayette, Notre Ami

On Science Books for Kids

"Above all, a good science book is imbued with passion for science and nature, and invites readers to engage with, imagine, and experience science in ways they may never have thought of before."

Danielle J. Ford, in "More than Just the Facts," from A Family of Readers: The Book Lover's Guide to Children's and Young Adult Literature, edited by Roger Sutton and Martha V. Parravano. Candlewick Press, 2010. 368 pages.


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I really liked this one....Molnar's memoir fit with my images of what Communism must have been like. Come and check out my post about it: www.booksaremything.blogspot.com

Excellent description of a living science book! :) Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, Tina. I totally did not expect such a colorful family when I picked up Under a Red Sky!

Here is Tina's review, for other readers.

Suji, A Family of Readers is an excellent resource, and I thought that description of science books was so apt.

Superb description of a truly marvellous science book! :) Thanks for sharing!

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