Caps for Decoration
Snubbed at the Indie Bookstore


Amid a pile of Junior's school papers, I found the following list:

To Do

1. Get a gigantic snake.

2. Get a German Shepherd puppy.

3. Buy a Rolls Royce.

4. Everything else.

In terms of the blog lately, I've been a bit in the #4 mode. I've been reading up a storm...but adult books. Two of them did feature reclusive children's book author characters, and one could be a crossover book for teens. I'll try to write about that soon. My new-found wild enthusiasm for fiction in translation continues, and I've been studying sites like Words Without Borders, Three Percent, The Millions, and Translationista.

We visited my dad down south for a big birthday, and then hosted a mini-reunion of other family here at our house with ten tons of delicious New York deli-style food: bagels, lox, corned beef, pastrami, chocolate babka, half-sour pickles, the works. There should be an entire holiday devoted to eating chocolate babka; I may have to declare it. (Epicurious has a recipe I want to try.) During the reunion I was amazed when a young cousin almost single-handedly finished a difficult jigsaw puzzle of a William Wegman dog photo.

Part of last weekend was spent cleaning up the garden, and getting ready to plant herbs outside in less than a month. Woo hoo! The chickens accompanied Junior and me in our digging, and Lovey kicked dirt in our faces as she happily hunted for worms and bugs. We kept having to turn her around. Queen Elizabeth III (Queenie) is still a nervous sort, but we hope she'll come around and won't think of us as the Giant Enemies Who Must Be Avoided.

And, if you're a birder, you know that April is a huge month for migrating birds, and just this afternoon I spotted my first warbler of the year. Warblers are tiny songbirds, often brightly colored. They're hard to tell apart, so I've spent a lot of time going over the guide books in anticipation.

Happy April, happy reading, and happy everything else!


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Hahahah! "Everything else." Um, yes. It's those vaguer details that hang you up.

I still want a gigantic snake, however.

I continue to live vicariously through your life. There are no sour pickles, half or otherwise, in the UK. It has been a trying time. Also, bagels... well. It's best to make ones own. Thank you for the babka recipe! Tech Boy will be persuaded to try that, as he has a much lighter touch than I with the pastries (just don't ask him to do normal stuff, like, make soup).

Meanwhile, I continue to live vicariously through your gardening and chicken-having. Someday...

Tanita, oh, do I enjoy babka! Have you made bagels? I love the idea of that but have never tried. It seems co cool to make something that you usually have to buy.

The chickens do keep us entertained. I am hoping to make a movie of Lovey. I was hoping to make a movie of the late Fuzzy; she would have been perfect running in slo-mo with some Chariots of Fire type music in the background. Stupid raccoons.

I hope the giant snake is only the rubber kind and let me know if you get the puppy (I'll come straight over). If a Rolls Royce gets checked off on the list, can I have a ride? Let's do "everything else" this summer, including Lovey and QE3.

PS I love waking up to the sound of the happy-making.

Make the babka, take some photos and do a guest post for us!

Yes, everything else will make for a fun summer, Elaine! I am so looking forward to summer days here in CT.

Michelle, YESSS! I will make babka soon, taking pics along the way.

That is a great list, and "everything else" is a fine thing to be doing.

Ha. Thanks, Adrienne. This week has been one of everything else, too.

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