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Updates to the 2011 List of Best Kids' Books

Since 2008, I've been compiling an annual master list of all the lists of best children's books; I include links to various newspapers, magazines, journals, and blogs, as well as different literature prizes and awards given out.

Other bloggers are making fantastic lists. Largehearted Boy's collection of links is amazing. See the Online "Best of 2011" Book Lists; he does the same thing for music.

Another holiday treat is 150 Ways to Give a Book, MotherReader's gift guide that pairs up children's books and toys to give together. 150 ideas!

The blog of the English Department at St. Columba's College in Dublin assembles "a 'delicious list' of books of the year from a myriad of different publications and websites," which is terrific, too.

I update the big list all the time, and please, chime in if you know of some I'm missing.

Here are some recent additions to Chicken Spaghetti's 2011 Best Children's Books: A List of Lists and Awards.

All About Manga. A compilation of links to various gift guides.

Amanda Craig (great UK book critic).

BoingBoing Gift Guide. Includes quite a few children's/YA books.

Brain Pickings (Maria Popova's blog) Fun, eclectic list.

Kirkus Reviews: Children's books and teens' books

National Outdoor Book Awards (including a category for children's books) Just One More Story blog's "For the Very Youngest Readers" Surprising Science blog's Ten Great Science Books for Kids


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Thanks for the mention! And for the reminder of your master "Best of" list too. I've updated it on the KidLitosphere Central site.

My pleasure, MR! Such a fun, helpful list that you put together. Thanks for the Kidlitosphere Central mention, too.

Lots of good ideas, thank you. Giving a travel book is another great way to broaden a young persons awareness of the world and other cultures, nurture their imagination, and inspire a sense of wonder. Please check out some fun kids travel books at

Lists of Science Books and Travel Books are really helpful in bulding knowledge and awerness. Its a really nice collection that you have got here. Thanks for such a good collection.

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