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"Library Lion," "Some Kind of Love" for Second Grade

On the day after I read Library Lion to the second graders, I got shushed at the library. For real. I was talking in a no-talking room, and someone complained. Oops. Library Lion is all about knowing the rules and knowing when it's okay to break them. I better read it again. To myself.

In second grade read-aloud time, things are flowing along smoothly. I am reading somewhat longer books. We are talking lots. We've gone back to basics. I read, and they listen and then share observations. Great observations! I had been letting whoever had written a story read hers to the class after I finished up. But only girls (and the same three or four) were reading and then sometimes just making up very silly things on the spot and while it was great fun for the storytellers, it was not as much fun for the audience. I am thrilled that they are creative and interested, but I had inadvertently set up something that left out some children. And I don't want that at all!

This week's selection for the class is Some Kind of Love, written by Traci Dant and illustrated by Eric Velasquez (Marshall Cavendish, 2010). I really like this book about a big African American family reunion with lots of cousins and food and good times, told through a series of poems. Reading it just now made me miss my own cousins and grandparents. I think the children will enjoy it, too.



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Shushed? Oh, no!

OOoh! Shushed! The shame!

I read about Some Kind of Love during the 28 Days After and was reminded of my grandmother's recent memorial service, which I missed - but it was a lot like a family reunion in many ways, and all the photographs and family - it really was a wonderful thing. I love the artwork in this book.

Yes! At my advanced age, even. It was a very polite shush. I was clearly in the wrong, though!

P.S., Tanita, I agree with you about the art work. It's so evocative of a lush spring "lilac time" and the close connections of the people.

I have had patrons come up to me and ask me to quiet down in my own library while I was working.

Adrienne, that's hilarious. We got shushed because of a patron complaint; I had thought the dude was just strolling through...

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