2012 Australian Children's Book Awards
Junot Diaz, Short Stories, and Such

Fishin' and Swimmin'

Yesterday my son and I spent the afternoon by the river. The spot we like is not a whole lot wider than a creek; at that point, the water is shallow, and clear and full of stones to skip. Junior fished, and I read. He caught a trout. I showed him how to hold the fish firmly while you unhook it. He did that, and then threw it back. Too small to keep. He continued fishing, and I finished Leanne Shapton's Swimming Studies, an illustrated meditation on pools and competitive swimming. Lately, the almost-adolescent and I are butting heads lot, usually over screen time, but our hours by the water yesterday were unhurried and sweet.


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I just ordered that book; looking forward to it.

Glad you had a nice, relaxing time together--sounds like fun.

Tell me what you think of the book. I loved it!

I also feel that Lucas spends too much time on screens, but we have our other types of moments, too.

Also, his voice is changing, which freaks me out completely.

Jr.'s voice has not yet changed, but I know it's going to surprise me when it does! Alas, screen time is at the root of many disagreements around here.

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