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"The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap"

Although we take satisfaction in being a safe place for people to tell their stories, please don't get the impression that running a bookshop is all bittersweetness and light. Much of it is dusting and heavy lifting. 

from The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap, by Wendy Welch (St. Martin's Press, 2012)

A charming tale of "friendship, community, and the uncommon pleasure of a good book," this memoir is about two newcomers to a small Appalachian town who open a used book shop. Wendy Welch writes with compassion and smart-ass humor as she describes her and her husband Jack's adventures in "being independent booksellers in the face of big-box stores and e-readers." I thoroughly enjoyed The Little Bookstore, and had to finish it in a hurry as my eightysomething mother had already asked me twice to borrow the book.


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Sounds really good! Will have to put it on the list.

You'll get a kick out of some of the small town stuff. These two did have to hang in there for a while...

Sounds like a fabulous read for me and for my 80-something reader mom -- I left the small town, but she's still there!

Yes, Mary Lee! My mother also recently enjoyed The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Frye, by Rachel Joyce, and What There Is To Say We Have Said: The Correspondence of Eudora Welty and William Maxwell, edited by Suzanne Marrs. My mom lives near us now, and has more time to read!

Ooh, it sounds delightful! Thanks for the tip. Will add to my list. :)

Lissa, I thought it was a fun book and admired the author's approach to bookselling--very non-elitist. And she's an academic by training!

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