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Gwendolyn Brooks, on Library Way

Gwendolyn Brooks plaque

A brass sidewalk plaque with a quotation by Gwendolyn Brooks on Library Way, 41st Street between Fifth and Park Avenues, in Midtown Manhattan. The artist is Gregg LeFevre. This and the other 95 plaques honoring a variety of authors (Twain, Yeats, Emily Dickinson, and Lucille Clifton among them) were installed in 1998. Brooks died in 2000. 

The Poetry Friday roundup is at the blog Teacher Dance.


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What a beautiful quote by Brooks, reminding us to be interactive readers. I love her clear direction here.

How do I not know about a) this quote; b) Library Way? Oh wait--I last lived in NYC in 1991. Thanks, Susan--I'm taking this plaque for my screen saver!

Excellent advice. Thank you Susan and Gwendolyn!

Denise, yes! I just loved stumbling across this one. I had a good time the other day, pausing & reading the various plaques (though not all 96!)

Oh, the screen saver idea is so fun, Heidi! The sidewalk plaques always make me slow down & read at least a few. You would not believe the renovation of what used to be the Mid-Manhattan Library (the one across the street from the lions). It is SO nice--and even has a small rooftop terrace I go to a class in the city and try to swing by when I have the time.

Mary Lee, she is the best! I am going to read more of her work this year. I am fascinated by some of the later, more experimental writing.

It sounds like an inspiration to walk that walk! I've enjoyed Gwendolyn Brooks' words for a long time. Thanks for sharing!

Linda, the pathway leads to the libraries! The big one with the lions in front and a beautiful branch library across the street. Definitely inspirational.

I love this! Thank you for posting. Now I know where I'm going to go in NYC on my next trip. I need a pic of my feet there. How wonderful!

You've given me lovely memories today of my own walks on this street, and the delight I felt on my first ever visit to NYC when I happened upon it. A great quote to contemplate on this poetry Friday.

Linda, yes, so worth a side trip, and it's right there in Midtown Manhattan, convenient to everything!

Elisabeth, isn't it fun! I like this Gwendolyn Brooks quote so much, too. I really admire her work.

Wonderful comment from Gwendolyn Brooks, Yes to thinking more, and I especially like our own unique interpretation too, thanks Susan!

You're so welcome, Michelle. This is one of my favorites of the many plaques on Library Way.

What a great discovery,

I love the intersection of Poetry & the Library! (The walkway leads to the main NYPL and a wonderful, newly refurbished branch library.)

That's a great quote--thanks, Susan!

Thanks for stopping by, Laura. I'm a Gwendolyn Brooks fan, and want to read more of her work.

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