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Girl Scout Badges


I found Chloe Martinez's work through the Of Poetry podcast, hosted by Han VanderHart. On the episode I heard, Martinez read the poem "Not-Yet-Official Girl Scout Badges," and I just loved it, remembering my grown son's Cub Scout adventures and my own Girl Scout days. The list poem offers a touching portrait of a young girl and her mother's love for her, and I look forward to reading more of Martinez's work.

Her poem begins,

Forgetting to Eat Breakfast While Reading Badge
Luxuriating in Bed on Sunday Morning Badge
Catching Lizards by the Tail and Releasing Them in Safer Places Badge

You can read the rest at Moist Poetry Journal, which VanderHart edits. Check out Of Poetry, "kitchen table conversations with poets," too!


The November 26th Poetry Friday roundup takes place at the blog  There is no such place as a God-forsaken town.

Photo by ST. One of the murals at the Jackie Robinson Alternative Education Complex, Madison Avenue, East Harlem, NYC.


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What a clever idea and the would be badges so describe adolescence and are so fun to read. I like the "not caring about collecting badges badge." Thanks for introducing me to Martinez's work!

Janice, I love those made-up badges! I was VERY into the real ones as a Girl Scout. ☘️

Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank-you for sharing. It was a lovely collection of random, relatable badges.

oooooh! Thanks for the journal tip. And, I have such empathy for a Mom that was a Girl Scout and then did the Cub Scout thing. I was den mom for six years. Loved it and it made me a little nuts too. I think I've earned some badges that have special names. What a great idea for writing! Thank you.

My list of those I "want" to achieve is being imagined now, Susan. What a clever, imaginative poem. I was a badge-achiever too, long ago. Thanks for sharing!

Susan, thank you for that sweet Badge poem. It is such a provocative topic. I think we should all consider the badges we are earning, Not-Yet-Official Girl Scout. I think my favorite is: "Sharing Dad’s Obsession with the Pan-Asian Mega-Buffet in Ontario Badge"

Thank you for sharing.

Kathryn, Linda M., Linda B., and Denise, thank you for reading! I really enjoyed this poem and the way the badges collaged into a portrait. It is indeed a great idea for doing something similar of our own, right?

Susan, you have earned the Generously Sharing Something Others Will Fall in Love With Badge.

I do love all kinds of catalogue poems. Thank you!

So. Much. Fun.

I give Heidi the Badge of Approval for the badge with which she awarded you!

Aw, Heidi, I love that! Thank you. I enjoy catalogue poems, too.

Mary Lee, yes, fun! And I am honored by my new badge. ☘️☘️☘️

LOVE this poem, Susan. I was a Brownie, and our leader moved away before we could fly up to be Girl Scouts, so I especially enjoyed reading all these made-up badges. I'm with Heidi -- you've definitely earned a special badge for sharing cooler than cool poems. :)

Oh, no, Jama! You didn’t get to fly up? My mom was our Brownie leader, and I think she was relieved not to make the jump with us to Girl Scouts. 😆

Badge attainment is something from my past. This poem is fun to read. What an imaginative poem,

Wonderful poem Susan, I could picture a girl being covered from head-to-toe in badges. I don't remember badges when I was a scout, I think I would've liked them, thanks!

Carol, it would be fun to find the GS handbook with the badge-requirement listings! I think there was one for Nature Lore (or something similar), which I really wanted.

Michelle, that's a great image: head-to-toe badges. This poem is so touching.

I loved this. I want the badge of wonder.

So glad you liked it, Jone! Yes to that badge of wonder. It's an important one to hang on to.

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