Gwendolyn Brooks, on Library Way
Where the sidewalk reads, in which I make a poem out of trash

November Lost & Found

November Woods

November is national what month

November is what month

November is what awareness month

November is Spanish.


November is not Christmas

Sweet November is not goodbye

Why is November not the 9th month?

Does Christmas start in November?


November is which sign

November election who is running

November when does it get dark

November please be nice to me.


Over on Twitter, I saw Mary Lee say that it was almost Poetry Friday, and I had forgotten. Oh, dear. There were decisions to make. I could either send readers to Robert Frost or I could do a Google search and see what happens when the autofill starts to roll. Voila! Found poetry saves the day.

The Poetry Friday roundup is at A(nother) Year of Reading.

Photo by ST. November 2021.


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Well done search, Susan. How will we ever live without knowing the reality of November?

So true, Linda. Thank you. The line “November is Spanish” seemed like an answer to a question I didn’t know that I had!

Why is November not the 9th month indeed?! Thank you for this thought-provoking poem!

It just leads to all kinds of questions, right? Should the year start in March? Whaaat?

I'm so glad you didn't tell us the origins of this poem until the end. It made the read more of a ride - puzzling the significance of each insight.

November in the northeast: End of DST back to EST for us, my birthday month, families gathering for Thanksgiving and turkey dinner, beginning of unofficial winter where I live but no snow yet this year, shopping for presents for Christmas and Hanukkah and birthdays, pumpkin pie, and chrysanthemums on the porch steps. Scorpios celebrate! Here is a google definition! I don't always ascribe much importance to these but have to say some very close friends are Scorpios. " Scorpios are extremely deep and emotional people, and are intense in all things they do. They're natural leaders and can be very serious; Scorpios are one of the most interesting signs because of their intensity, and there are some key Scorpio characteristics to be aware of that make them stand apart." And finally "Can Scorpios sing?
Image result
Scorpios prefer to write songs alone, as they prefer to do most things alone. They tend to wear many hats..." So thank you Susan for sending me on a little google hunt for this month "of mine" and maybe I will write a poem! Your question poem set me thinking!

I just love this poem! The repetition, the confusion of it. It's just like what I ask myself every morning when I get up.

Great poem. As others have said, it asks the questions we all have about this month. Fun!

Thank you for a glimmer of your process with this poem, but I want to know more! Maybe I should just go try it for myself and see what kind of poetic randomness I discover! I hope November hears your last line!

HAH! November is Spanish! It does seem like it ought to be...
And YES, Christmas, for some people, does indeed seem to start in November...
I love the randomness of this, and yet it seems kind of strangely related...!

Such an intriguing poem! Way to go out and create a found poem and a LAMIPOFRI* simultaneously!
(*see Kat Appel's post

Thank you for reading, everyone. For sure, this is a "lamipofri," generated by the tight deadline. (Tight, only because I forgot.) Great coinage.

Janet Clare F., yes! See how Google searches can get a person thinking!

Mary Lee asked about the process. I think the first stanza came from typing in "November is" and seeing what the auto-fill was. It was interesting that you write part of a statement and get back mostly questions! Process fascinates me, especially when you don't have a lot of control over what pops up, i.e., I like random, odd stuff. The other stanzas came from entering various phrases like "November is not" and " When November." I should have written them down.

I liked the fact that the last line makes a direct appeal to November itself. I never would have come up with that, but I am sure going to use it.

It seems the further we venture into each year, the more uncertain and vague things become...We become worn down by the negotiation of each month. Your poem captures this sense of uncertainty extremely well Susan. I enjoyed the poem and the thoughts it evoked.

The Google search box is an endless source of amazement, delight and dismay for me--capturing the zeitgeist of any given day or even moment, when you consider how far-reaching (although now I realize that we only get autofills in English, right, when we type in English?) Your selections are judiciously, deliciously chosen and arranged, Susan!

Alan, I like your very generous interpretation of the poem! November IS a month of uncertainty and vagueness.

Heidi, ha, yeah, the zeitgeist! I am fascinated by the autofills, and now you have given me the idea to try this in Spanish. I find that the limitation of knowing one language and only a bit of another hinders me in collecting sentences for my collage poems, too.

Oh yes, November, PLEASE be nice to me!

(I love this!)

Ruth, I am thinking the same thing. (And thank you!)

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