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Love it!

What fun! That third stanza rocks the rhythm with those long multisyllabic words -- the antithesis of ONE!

How appropriate! I love how it looks like an old library catalog card!

What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing!

Jessica, it's got that look of a manual typewriter, too. Thanks for reading, everyone. I knew as soon as I saw this that I wanted to use it for Poetry Friday!

What a neat combination of primary source and poetry. I can only imagine the poems inside census data. You give me ideas. Thanks!

You're welcome, Linda! I liked this one, too. It would never have occurred to me to make a poem about the census.

What an interesting take and connection these two make on each other, One never knows where a poem may evolve from… It's even more fun to have it nestled above that tweet. Thanks Susan!

Ryniker really used his 'census' for this poem. ;)
Thanks for sharing!

Sorry for the so-late comment, Susan--I adore this snippet, the way it looks, sounds, muses! I hope there will be more...and happy NPM!

Michelle, Bridget, and Heidi, I liked this one, too! It was so perfect for April 1 of this year.

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