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A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how much I had liked the poet Kamilah Aisha Moon's book Starshine & Clay. Just this week I was reading Aracelis Girmay's 2016 collection, the black maria, and came across her beautiful poem "Moon for Aisha." The poem is a tribute to friendship and also speaks about the time before these two poets knew each other. I just love this excerpt, which reminded me of several of my own chums over the years.

& then you, all nearly grown,
all long-legged laughter,
already knowing all the songs
& all the dances,
not my friend, yet,
but, somehow—Out There.

There are more poems to read at the Poetry Friday roundup at The Teacher Dance.

Photo: Corner flowers, NYC, 2022. ST.


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One doesn't know how much a friendship means until it happens, right? It is a lovely and loving excerpt. Thanks, Susan!

Linda, yes, that's such a good way of putting it. I was very touched by this poem!

Susan, I can see why you were touched by this poem. Friendships are sacred bonds. I just heard from a long-time friend this week and it was as if we had not skipped a beat since we talked last year.

"long-legged laughter" is so perfect. Love it! Thanks

Carol, I'm hoping to see a lot of longtime friends this fall at a college reunion. I can't wait! Thanks for stopping by.

Linda, that was my favorite line, too! Something to aspire to.

This reminds me of a poem from THE HURTING KIND by Ada Limon, which I hope you can find somewhere, about the later life, the afterlife of friends. It's "Blowing on the Wheel," and I think the friends mentioned in it must also be poets. There's also one, "How We See Each Other " in which Aracelis herself--it must be--is mentioned. Kind of like singers and rappers mentioning each other in Top 40 hits. Love it.

Oh, that's cool. Thank you, Heidi! I have The Hurting Kind, and am going to find those poems right now. Yay.

Such a winsome hope in those last 2 lines... I imagine we've all lived this, no? Thank you for sharing it.

My hubby is 7 years older, and I often think of me still a child when he was already adulting. Somehow those seven years matter less and less the older we get, but still, there are some gaps in our experiences that show up now and then!

Patricia, "winsome hope" is a good way of describing that feeling. I agree. The poem also reminded me of some infinitely cooler friends, like the one who taught us all The Hustle in study hall.

Yes, Mary Lee. He was already knowing the dances!

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