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Favorite Poetry and Poetry-Related Books of the Year

Ashley Bryan & Langston Hughes


The above collage is original art from Sail Away, a 2015 children's book in which Ashley Bryan illustrated poems by Langston Hughes dealing with the theme of water. It's part of a gorgeous show at the Morgan Library & Museum, in New York, through January 22, 2023. You can also read "Long Trip" in a bigger font at at the Academy of American Poets. My friend and I had the best time at the Morgan, chit-chatting with a friendly security guard about our favorite pictures and taking several turns around the room to make sure of our choices. 


The Poetry Friday roundup takes place at Irene Latham's Live Your Poem on December 23rd. Happy Holidays to all!


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Oh, it must be a marvelous show to see! I love the idea of the ocean as "a wilderness of waves" and Bryan's art includes a myriad of gorgeous images. Thanks for sharing part of your time there.

It's a wonderful show! Bryan's art is so beautiful; I enjoyed seeing its intricacies. He gives a fitting visual context for the Hughes work.

I love that book! I got an old, weeded and icky copy at a library sale and have used the collage in that book as inspiration and more in my crafting hobby. I would love to see that show! Thanks for sharing a bit with us.

Oooh, wish I could insta-travel to this show! I love what Ashley created, inspired by Langston's water-worlds. Thank you!

What a fun exhibit! And thank you for sharing the poems!

Linda, lucky you to have the book! I almost bought it on the way out, and am now sorry that I didn't. Since you like collage, do look online at the Ashley Bryan originals. My friend & I were in awe.

Irene, it's a wonderful show. I'll probably go back. And buy the book, for one thing!

You're welcome, Patricia. Thanks for stopping by!

What a fantastic combination -- Bryan and Hughes! I can see why Linda M. uses the book as a mentor text for her collaging!

I love the Morgan, such a fun and intriguing small museum, the library with all its books is special. I was there with my daughter and husband just before the pandemic and accidentally walked off with my coat check tag… guess that means I want to returns. Looks like a wonderfully rich exhibit–as is this piece and poem–a perfect paring Ashley Bryan and Langston Hughes! Thanks for sharing it Susan, Happy Holidays!

Yes, me, too, Mary Lee. It made me want to try collage, though I fear a Cake Wreck kind of outcome.

Michelle, the Morgan has become a favorite of mine the last few years. And, see, you'll have to return with your coat check tag! ):

Oh, what an exhibit that must be! Thanks for this.

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