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Publication News: "Called Home"

Cinquain: The Mural


The Mural

Street art

Colors shine bright
Artist wields a spray can
The way you might paint a poem


On Monday, "street" was the word for Alex Price's Twitter cinquain prompt. As with all of them, I could have gone in a hundred different directions; I can't wait to start a poem with "streetcar."

What's a cinquain? Answer here.

The Poetry Friday roundup is at Carol Varsalona's Beyond Literacy Link on February 10th.

Photo by ST. Mural by Craig Anthony Miller at the Knowlton event space and art park, Bridgeport, CT.


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This mural reminds me of the book THE LITTLE HUMMINGBIRD by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas. Your poem is the perfect companion for the mural. I love "The way you might paint a poem."

Mary Lee, I will have to look up that book; now I am curious. Thanks for reading!

You captured the energy of the mural in your cinquain, and they both work well together!
Nice play between the "spray can" and painting "a poem!"

Painting a poem - love the comparison to spray painting a design

I echo Carol V. There are beautiful murals that certainly are poems painted all over Denver. I love yours and your poem for it and them all.

Michelle, thank you! I love what these artist do with cans of spray paint. So skilled.

Thanks, Carol. Artistic parallels, intersections, and collaborations definitely interest me. I've spray painted furniture before, but never anything bigger than that!

Linda, I have heard about those murals in Denver and hope to see them one day. Our nephew is in Gunnison, so hopefully we'll get out there again at some point.

Your poem and photo are the perfect pairing--they share such bright energy

Thanks, Kay. The mural is one of my favorites, and I had a feeling the photo could work here as an illustration.

Another fun prompt! What's incredible is, had the mural been the prompt, I wonder what the cinquain might've become?

Yass, Patricia, yass! I like that idea. I knew when I saw "street" that I wanted to write about street art. The elephant is amazing, and his colors really are that vibrant. I'd been looking for a photo in which they did "shine bright." But to start another way around, with the elephant? Yes to that.

I love this! Painting a poem, tonight...the best

Linda, I hope you have the opportunity to paint many poems this week!

That mural would inspires anyone — wow! And it inspired a fabulous cinquain. Love this, Susan!

Thanks, Karen! A local event space, in a very industrial neighborhood, gussied up its property with a number of murals like this. They are so gorgeous. I need to go by there again soon and see what's new.

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