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This Must Be March

what makes march         special
who makes march          madness
what makes a march      a march                                                                     
who owns march
what month is march     for
is it march                        today


I made this poem using autofill suggestions on a Google search, then added some tabs. You can read it several ways, although the formatting may be off if you're reading on a phone.

On Friday, March 10, Heidi Mordhorst has the Poetry Friday roundup at her blog My Juicy Little Universe.

Photo by ST: Detail from Yayoi Kusama's mosaic mural “A Message of Love, Directly from My Heart unto the Universe” (2022), at Grand Central Terminal, NYC.


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Susan, I love this way of crowd-sourcing a poem. Yes, it is March today, and we own it! I adore that mosaic and would gladly have it on my wall. I wonder how grand and central it is? Would it fit my little house?

What fun to play with Google for your poem, Susan. Like March itself, it is full of surprises!

I love how fun the experience of this poem is! Thank you!

Susan what a fun process in writing this poem. I love the thoughts that come as I read it, and to experiment reading it in different ways. The image of sunshines is gorgeous!

Fun March poem, Susan! I‘ve never been able to create anything interesting from auto fill. It quickly devolves into loops of nonsense!

Your poem made me wonder and I took to Google Search. I guess it is crowd-sourcing a poem and what a good idea. Thanks.

Heidi, that mural would be perfect...and, at 5 ft. x 120 ft., sure to be very grand and very central.

Linda, I was totally playing around with Google and laughing at some of the results.

Irene, thank you for reading!

Denise, that mural in Grand Central is stunning. I really liked it, too, and was lucky to see it before the crowds of commuters descended.

Laura, these poems turn out so goofy that I can't resist playing around with the questions I feed Google. Sometimes the results are really boring, and other times a gold mine.

Janice, yes, indeed, a bit of crowd-sourcing/AI with search auto-fill results!

What a fun poetry prompt! Gonna give it a try.

Buffy, yay! Tell me what you think of this method.

A most productive use of Google, Susan. Your curious mind continues to serve you well. Autofill delivers to the probing poet... Well done again!

Some great questions, Susan. I like "who owns march" -- I've not tried autofill - you have my curiosity piqued now. Thank you!

Alan and Patricia, thanks so much! I like the questions that pop up on the auto-fill, too. So odd at times, like the "who owns march.?" Where does that even come from? The mysteries of Google...

Love that you used autofill! How fun! March is really sending me over the edge these days. We got spring like weather in February and March has been such a bully with its wind.

Marcie, same here in Connecticut. Ugh. Very spring-y weather in February but windy & chilly & gray now. But thank goodness Poetry Friday always cheers me up!

Susan, it is great fun reading your March poem in different ways. Since Marcie lives near me she got the weather right. I am out exploring nature looking for the buds of spring.

Carol, that's a good thing to do today. Enjoy your outdoor time. As a birdwatcher, I've come to appreciate the early signs of spring that the birds bring: the arrival of the woodcocks, killdeers, and oystercatchers reminds me that spring really is on the way. I'll do a happy dance when the first Pine Warbler shows up.

Charming March poem! I saw you had a birthday -- hope it was a good one :)

It was indeed a good birthday. Thank you, Tabatha! This poem was my own ode to birthday month.

What a fun poem Susan, and clever idea to have it autofill–perhaps a new poem form, autofill poems. I like your spacing too. Rich image also, Yayoi Kusama's art is all over, recently I saw some of her art on mugs called "Late-Night Chat, here's a link:

Thanks, Michelle. I just may have to get some mugs! Kusama will be 94 soon. Isn't that amazing?

What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing.

You’re so welcome, Rose.

Love how you cleverly boosted your creativity with Google, Susan! March on! :)

March on: good one, Bridget! YES. Thanks for reading.

I just love how you play with words and creativity, Susan! You have more entries in my writing prompt ideas list I started than anyone else!

That's such a nice thing to hear, Laura! Thank you. It is such fun to play around with words, isn't it? The auto-fill suggestions make me laugh sometimes, and that's my starting point.

What a fun idea for some new inspiration! I like the way the tabbed words form their own poem, too!

a march

Our March weather is certainly a special madness. :D

Our weather is a special madness, too, Karen. It's driving me crazy! I've lived in the northeast for eons, but every year I have to remind myself to wait until May for consistently nice weather...

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