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2023 Poetry


It's June! And here in Connecticut, it's almost summer. I always look forward to the Sealey Challenge in August, which is an endeavor to read a collection of poetry a day. Plus, after next week, I'll have more time in general for hunting down books and reading. Sometimes it can seem hard to track down lists of what's been published and what's on the horizon. Maybe you're searching for new titles, too. Here are some poetry-book resources to check out:

Spring 2023 poetry books, Publishers Weekly 

Fall 2023 poetry books, Publishers Weekly

Best Poetry 2023, Book Riot (from March)

Best New Poetry Books for Adults, New York Public Library (books from 2022)

Best New Poetry, Winter, 2023, bookshop.org

2023 Forthcoming Poetry Books by Queer People of Color, Shade Literary Arts

HipLatina's list for 2023

BuzzFeed's "13 New and Upcoming Poetry Collections"

Lambda Literary Awards, Finalists in four categories: lesbian poetry, gay poetry, bisexual poetry, transgender poetry (scroll down)

New Black Poetry Books, Book Riot

New Canadian poetry collections, CBC

Poetry Book Society (UK)

Ms. Magazine


Lantern Review Blog, "An Asian Poetry Companion: Future Titles to Dream Toward"

Southern Review of Books, recent and forthcoming poetry collections

Literary Hub: 7 Poetry Books to Read in June


The Poetry Friday roundup for June 2 is at The Miss Rumphius Effect.

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Thanks for these links. Just what I needed, to find new poetry books to read this summer!

Thanks for the resources, Susan!

Jama and Laura, de nada! I look forward to catching up with some of these.

This is a fantastic resources, Susan--thank you so much for taking the trouble to gather all these! Bookmarking for sure. Let us know what you find that you love!

Yes, I receive most of these lists, Susan, but now have bookmarked a few more from you! Thanks, amazing that there are so many to love! Thank you!

Hi, Heidi and Linda. Thank you for dropping by! You're welcome for the lists. I'm always on the lookout for new stuff, so I enjoyed compiling this post.

Gosh Susan, I can barely keep up with monthly and annual reading goals, let alone a daily collection! But thanks for sharing all these resources! It gives me plenty to choose from in my more "sloth-approach" to poetry reading!

The daily thing is only for a month (August)! You could totally do it is my guess, though it does take some planning...and fortitude. And reading strategically, alternating shorter & longer. (And leaving the New and Selecteds until another time!)

Thanks for all the leads, Susan!

You are so welcome, Karen. I’ll try to update this from time to time, too.

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