Moonlight Jellies

Autofill Luna(r)cy


Photo by ST: Sculpture "As Long as the Sun Lasts" (2021), by Alex Da Corte, at the Metropolitan Museum Roof Garden, NYC, Summer 2021.

On Friday, June 30th, Poetry Friday goes lunar. In association with the publication of a new book, Irene Latham, that day’s host, asks participants to contribute a “favorite moon poem (yours or someone else's), a moon story, a moon memory, a moon dream...or whatever your moon-heart desires!” (Irene’s latest picture book, The Museum on the Moon, will hit the shelves later this summer, on August 8th.) The poet would like to provide lots of moon-related poems in the educator resources she’s working on.

With great enthusiasm I went looking on various search engines for moon paraphernalia and prompts. I like to see what Google, Bing, and Duck Duck Go have in mind, courtesy of autofill, when I type in various phrases. I wasn’t disappointed. Here’s just a short list of what’s out there:

Moon is in Capricorn what does this mean

The moon in my room

Where is the moon tonight

Where is the moon NYC

Who is the moon named after

The Moonbeam company manufactures toasters

Any of these could start a poem (or short story), but one, not mentioned above, stood out. I used it for the first line, and came up with twelve more lines on my own. Although my poem is not for kids or educator resources, I have Irene to thank for the inspiration. On Friday, June 30th, I’ll include it here. I look forward to seeing your lunar poetics, too.

On Friday, June 16th, the Poetry Friday roundup is at poet & artist Michelle Kogan’s place.


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ooooooh! Prompts! I love them. Let's see if I can find a way to write to one of them at least. Thank you!

Linda, yes, lunar prompts!

Susan, I am heading to Jackson today for my mother's birthday. Thinking of you and wondering about a moon poem, too. Thanks for the suggestion to Google it...

Happy birthday to your mother, Margaret. Please tell her hello. Google has all kinds of ideas about the moon, some of them more rational than others...

I've done quite a lot of moon activities with students through the teaching years, Susan. We've all loved what we learned, wrote, and created from its inspiration. This day with Irene is going to be marvelous! Thanks for the extra ideas!

Oh, how fun, Linda. I know the children enjoyed that. I am hoping to get some ideas for the next school year for the kiddos I read to. (I already miss this year's crew!)

I love this post, Susan. You are very gracious to share what you found. One line you found struck a chord with me - I'll see if I can work on a lunar poem from it and submit next week if I have any semblance of a poem down - I'll be on vacation, so it might be asking too much of myself! Thanks, again!

Yay, I'm so glad that you found something, Carol. Enjoy your vacation. I bet that poem already started forming in your head. You can always use it later in the summer if it's not complete by the 30th.

Susan, thank you for doing some research on the upcoming Moon-theme Poetry Friday. I look forward to reading your poem and those of others.

Carol, you're welcome. It's going to be fun, isn't it?

Fun post Susan. I've written many moon poems over many moons. I started looking for some of my moon poems while reading your post and have already found about 10… and I'm sure there are more. There's something very magnetic about the moon for me, we keep on meeting in words and art. I'm looking forward to Irene's book and post, thanks for your nudge. And your moon-bird image is delightful!

10! That’s amazing, Michelle. I am looking forward to seeing what my Poetry Friday peros come up with on the 30th.

Looking forward to seeing your moon poem, Susan. And thanks for the reminder!

My pleasure, Patricia. I enjoy things like Irene is putting together, which get me thinking and, eventually, writing.

Love how you're getting us in the moon for our end-of-June theme! Lunar poetics promises to be a funtastic Friday. Thanks for the reminder to get our moon juices flowing.

De nada, Ramona! It's funny how often I'm noticing poems & articles about the moon now that it's a theme for a future Poetry Friday.

Love your idea of searching the word and using the results for inspiration. Can't wait to see your moon poem!

It's kooky! You're forewarned, Karen. Ha!

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