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Poem: Pull Up a Chair



Happy Poetry Friday! Today's poem is a fun one by the one and only J. Patrick Lewis. "What to Wear Where" begins,

When I was a boy
In Looziana,
We wore blue jeans
And a red bandanna.

To read the rest of the poem, do visit the Poetry Foundation. After a recent trip to the Green Mountain State, I was tickled to come across "What to Wear Where.” You’ll find the Poetry Friday roundup for July 7th at the blog of  Marcie Flinchum Atkins;  for July 14th at Linda Mitchell's place; and for July 21st at Margaret Simon's Reflections on the Teche. (Yes, I got behind! I was unable to link this on the 7th, so here it is today.)

Photo by ST. Green Mountains, Manchester, Vermont.


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When we go dancing, many of the male dancers carry a red bandana in their back pockets. My husband always has one.

Haha, Vermont sounds pretty laid-back! Cute poem. Thanks for sharing it.

Aw, nice! That South Louisiana music is the best. I imagine the dancing is super fun. Now I want to hear some Queen Ida and Clifton Chenier. :)

Tabatha, there's a jab at Texas in this poem that I just noticed again. Ouch for all my friends & family there! :) But, yes, the poem does fit with my experience with Vermont: laid back. We have family there, too.

Susan, how wonderful to spend time in the great state of Vermont, and bonus, you can wear whatever you want. Cute poem. Thanks for sharing it with us.

I'm loving this poem and all the smiles it gave me–maybe that's why I like Vermont cause they wear whatever they want… and of course those softly rolling mountains, thanks Susan!

I'm on my way to Vermont...via Looziana! Great post. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing the cute poem and beautiful photo, Susan!

Denise, Michelle, Linda, and Rose, thanks for stopping by! J. Patrick Lewis's poem made me laugh, and I'm glad y'all liked it.

Love it, & all the ways we perceive people and places! Green time in Vermont, a lovely look! Thanks, Susan!

Pat got each of these places just right by looking at their clothing! I haven't seen anything from him in awhile...wonder how he's doing!

Linda, "green time," yes! I love Vermont in the summer. It's so beautiful.

Mary Lee, yes, he did. I hope he's doing well. This one is fun.

Smiling with you and J. Patrick - When I was in Vermont, I wore spandex (cycled through the state in 2016)!

Ha, Patricia, that could be a poem, too! Someone needs to write the great Spandex poem.

It's not easy to bike there--all those hills.

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