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Astoria_Park_pool _Queens_NYC

For Poetry Friday I chose this lovely poem, "Romance," by Susan Browne, from the July/August 2023 issue of Poetry Magazine. Here's an excerpt:

I watch other bodies slip through the blue,
how fast the young are
& how old they become, floating, floating,
forgetting the weight of years
while palm trees sway above us,

I've recently returned to swimming after talking entirely too much about how I wanted to get back to swimming but hadn't been swimming in forever, etc., etc. Yawn. Y'all, it's not that hard. I simply drove over to the beautiful pool at the local Y, where I'm still a member, and jumped in. Perhaps it's my age, maybe it's endorphins, but I can completely relate to Susan Browne's words about "embracing the whole magic show."

Matt Esenwine has the Poetry Friday roundup for October 6th.

Image: Astoria Park Pool, Queens, New York, via Wikimedia Commons.


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Wasn't familiar with this poem, but I really enjoyed it! Thanks, Susan.

Oh, I hope you had fun! I'm so glad you went to the Y and swam! I've never been a great swimmer, so I would totally miss the magic show if I had to do ten more laps!

You're so welcome, Matt! Thanks for hosting the roundup. Denise, ha! Some days ten laps is quite the challenge. Since I have only recently returned, I wonder if I'll get to know the regulars. Our Y is a community asset.

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