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(Almost) Last Year

Wilson's Snipe - 41014190352

Happy New Year, everyone! It will be here in just a few days. Looking back over poems from the past year, I happily came across some from April, when I wrote a haiku a day, a prompt suggested by Liz Garton Scanlon.

I'd forgotten about the following at the nearby state park. (Shout-out to eBird!)

April brings the birds
Seventeen snipes this morning
Lucky me sees one.

Writing this post makes me look forward to 2024 and whatever good things fly in with it.

The last roundup of 2023 for Poetry Friday is at Michelle Kogan's place today.

Photo: Wilson's snipe by Wildreturn. Creative Commons license CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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This is lovely -- AND lucky!! So glad you haikued with me -- hope we get to do that again come April. Happy New Year!

Thank you, Liz! I enjoyed the haiku a day back in April, and enjoyed seeing the “picture” that the poems made together when I went back to them.

I love your picture and always love the reflections, too. Taking time to savor those gifts from nature, like "lucky you" feels so good. Sometimes I want to make everyone take a walk! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you, too, Linda! These haikus made me look forward to the new year. Some of my projects flopped in 2023, but I did write a month’s worth of tiny poems.

A snippet of snipe, Susan. These migratory birds are fascinating, flying,as they do, enormous distances across the year. Your haiku focus had delivered handsomely.

I love the heart of this--"lucky." Yes. I've been doing some end-of-year reflecting and planning, and one of the many templates/worksheets I ruminated on asked who I want to learn from this coming year. You and your inventive forms and fearless exploration are on my list. Thanks for your inspiration!

Looking forward with you, Susan - always looking forward to those fly-ins!

Daily haiku is such a rewarding practice, and birds always enrich our world. Combining the two is a bonus! Thanks for sharing and congrats on seeing the snipe :) Wishing you all sorts of feathery visitors during the New Year!

Alan, "snippet of a snipe": ha, perfect! I am continually amazed at how far birds travel. We are fortunate to be near/under the Atlantic Flyway, and get to see quite a few migrants each year.

Laura, what a ginormously nice thing to hear! Thank you so much. I was just thinking that I want to try more of the traditional forms that the Poetry Princesses and others suggest. That is the best thing about Poetry Friday: how much we all learn from each other.

Patricia, yes to the fly-ins! I can't wait to see what they are.

Molly, thank you! Lots of birders around here do a Big January and see how many species they can see. I'm planning to do the same (though I don't get too crazy about "chasing" rarities), and you've given me an idea about adding poetry to the mix in some way.

Susan, your photo and haiku go together so well. Both are lovely! Happy New Year!

I like your snipe poem and pic–glad you got to see "one" Susan! I'm looking forward to "whatever good things fly in" too, thanks and Happy New Year!

Thank you, Linda! I can't claim credit for the photo, but Wikimedia Commons is my go-to when I am empty-handed. Happy 2024 to you, too.

Michelle, thank YOU for rounding up. I hope you, too, have an excellent 2024.

Even when there is abundance, just one is often enough to make us feel quite lucky.

Such a good idea to look back on 2023's poems. If I had to pick just one to lift back up into the light, which one would it be? Hmm...

Mary Lee, I recommend doing that! I had forgotten about some that weren’t bad on re-finding.

Let's all feel lucky for the one, the one we see. Happy New Year, Susan!

Yes, Heidi! I love that takeaway. Happy New Year to you, too.

You and Marcie are inspiring me to write a haiku each day this new year. How hard can that be?? I want to commit to a daily writing practice. Thanks for your dedication to the practice. Lucky!

This is an opportunity for me to acquaint myself with a snipe. Lucky you saw one. I wonder, who saw the others? :) Happy New Year!

A daily haiku? I'll give it a go!

Janice, another eBirder saw the 17! Sometimes I have to remind that whether you see one or 17 or see the bird later in the season, it's all good.

Susan, fun post. I like the idea of looking back at your year's worth of poems. Snipes are as cute as can be; I'm sure you were delighted to get to see one. I'm sure it was fun to capture the moments in your haiku a day last April.

It was indeed, Denise. Thanks for dropping by!

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