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Año Nuevo

The Passaic piñata
Drops at midnight

No Times Square ball
Instead a glittering star

Defying cardboard origins
And less astral reputation

The Passaic piñata
Whooshes through the air

Radiating confetti
The way its humble

Cumpleaños cousins
Delight with candied joy

The Passaic piñata
Spreads sweetness

This new morning
This new year

Here, the new country
Here, the old one, too

Draft, Susan Thomsen, 2024


Inspiration for this poem comes from an article in and from the Poetry Sisters' advice to write about a piñata. (That's my takeaway. They did, of course, put it more poetically.) The Poetry Sisters are a working group of talented writers.

And now for the roundup. Add your link below. For additional information on Poetry Friday, see Renée LaTulippe's post.


P.S., look at these nice piñata stamps!



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I want you to know that I JUST GOT THOSE STAMPS!!!
This piñata thing is catching.
I'll be back to actually post a poem!

You HAVE the stamps? Excellent! I am going to get some soon. The piñatas are indeed catching.

Thanks for hosting, Susan! The Passaic piñata is so festive, the "cumpleaños cousin." Happy New Year!

My pleasure, Janice. Thank you for your contribution!

Susan, what fun to read the story of this dropping pinata through your poem and the Instagram post. And those stamps are perfect for this week. I love those "Here," lines that finish your poem.

Thanks, Denise! I like the way the town brings folks together in a fun way. Some of the people have been there a long time, some only a short time, but everyone has a chance to be "here" together.

A pinata is a fun way to start the year! I like "spreading sweetness." Nice verb choices. Thanks for hosting us!

Pinata celebrations lift the mood, Susan. You have taken the word and breathed extra life and enegy into with your poem and its pinata pertinent word choice. Strong action verbs and alliteration help to create an anticipation so synonymous with pinatas. Well done. Thank you also for hosting all of us.

Tabatha, piñatas are so festive. It was fun to write about one.

Alan, I have to laugh at "pinata pertinent." Yes to that! Thanks for the kind words.

What a fun and lively poem Susan, love all the alliteration it really moves it along in the short, spunky couplets! That's quite a treasure filled star piñata they launch in Passaic–must be fun to be there! And I love those piñata stamps too. Thanks for all and for hosting!

You're welcome! One day I'd like to see that piñata drop in person. Thanks for visiting, Michelle.

I love the special ending of your poem, Susan, as it should be! And I liked learning of the Passaic piñata, plus I did not know about those stamps! They're great! Thanks for hosting!

Aren't the stamps so fun? I enjoyed your piñata contribution, too, Linda!

A fun post of poetry and pinatas! I didn't know about the stamps, but will have to look for them. THanks for hosting, Susan!

De nada, Matt! It’s always fun to host a bunch of poets.

Thank you for 'spreading sweetness' with this glimpse at a lovely tradition - and for hosting. .

How fun to learn about a different tradition through your poem. Your series of short-lined couplets look and feel like the path of that piñata. So many good lines there. I especially love "Spreads sweetness." The ending is extra sweet.

Thank you for hosting Poetry Friday!

Thank you for hosting Poetry Friday and sharing the pinata stamps. They are vibrant and festive. I enjoyed your Ano Nuevo / New Year's poem. I also liked the thought "spreads sweetness". When my daughter and son-in-law cracked open their pinata pink shiny confetti flew all over my house (many of which we found weeks later).

Love that "candied joy." Thanks for hosting!

What a wonderful poem incorporating the Spanish words into it. The last two lines are my favorite...swinging back and forth, old to new.

Thanks for rounding us up, Susan! In your last stanza, you captured the shift from what we usually think of when we hear piñata to all the new ways this art form is metamorphosing (a punny word choice you'll understand when you read my post).

Your joyful and thoughtful poem makes me think about how we all make traditions in our own way...and those last two lines just nestle right into the heart. Thank you, too, for reminding me of the year many years ago when Mark and I celebrated New Years in a tiny unheated cabin...and we rigged up a tea box on a string to drop at midnight. It was humble and lovely, and I haven't thought about it forever. Thank you for hosting...and happy 2024 to you and yours! xo, a.

Thanks for hosting, Susan, and for bringing the joy of the pinata to life in your poem.

So many wonderful words in your poem: "whooshes" with "candy joy"! I can see it! Thanks for hosting today.

What a fun and festive way to start the new year! Thank you for sharing this tradition with us! I agree with Karin - your choice of poetic form feels like we're following the path of the piñata as it drops.

I particularly like these lines:

"Defying cardboard origins
And less astral reputation"

At a time of year when we often make resolutions and think about change, your language inspires us to consider defying the things that constrain us.

Thank you for hosting today!

Susan, your poem and rhese stamps are hopeful and celebratory and wonderful. Thank you!

I love how you allowed one hope-filled moment to shower us with bright detail--and how your poem lets us float with your words all the way to that perfect ending:

"Here, the new country
Here, the old one, too"

Thank you for this glimpse of tradition, and for hosting today!

Such a fun tradition - and I love "radiating confetti". I can imagine the children yearning to be old enough to stay up and participate!

Oh, those last two lines are poetic perfection, Susan!! Thank you for playing along with us and, especially, for hosting today. Now, off to see if I can actually order piñata stamps!

Wonderful images and language, Susan. I love how your pinata radiates confetti and spreads sweetness. I hadn't seen these stamps before!

Thank you for all your contributions to today's poetry party and for your kind words! It's my pleasure to have the roundup. As I was telling someone, I always learn something. And, Amy, dropping the tea box is a wonderful image, very fitting for this week!

This pinata poem spreads sweetness too, Susan! This is so cheerful and lovely. I loved these lines:

Defying cardboard origins
And less astral reputation

Love those stamps, too. Thanks for hosting! ❤️

Thank you for stopping by, Karen! Initially I didn't think I had anything to say about piñatas--happy to be wrong on that!

I actually have to look up that piñata drop - that's FAR more fun than just a golden ball full of nothing. I love the phrase Cumpleaños cousins/Delight with candied joy. Hope the new year is bringing you sweetness too.

Thank you, Tanita! Y'all provided a great topic for the week: piñatas. So far, so good with the new year!

What a lovely, layered poem to delight the senses. Thank-you for sharing, Susan. And for hosting the round-up. It's been too long between posts, but I am here today. :)

Glad to see you, Kathryn! Poetry Friday is the best open house around.

Thank you, Susan, for hosting us all and for your wonderful poem. Love the last two lines, especially. And - those stamps! So colorful. :0)

Thank you for hosting! There are so many things I love about your poem. I think my favorite line is "defying cardboard origins."

Thanks so much for hosting this week! There's such a lovely rhythm to your poem, and like many others, those ending lines popped for me. I also enjoyed "defying cardboard origins." It's interesting to think how traditions feel old, but we're creating new ones all the time.

Susan, thanks for hosting--and those last two lines...yes.

Robyn, Ruth, Molly, and Laura, thank you so much for stopping by and for your contributions to Poetry Friday! I hope my comments are showing up on your blogs; for some reason I'm have some issues leaving them in several places this week. But, glitch, schmitch, I'm glad to see all of you!

Love "radiating confetti" and "candied joy" and the whole moving, swinging, rainbowed poem!

Thank you, Carol! Piñatas made for a fun topic.

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