Año Nuevo, and the Poetry Friday Roundup
Poet Evie Shockley

Poetry Books to Look For, 2024


If you want to move to the city, you can, Miss Grehan said. And studying poetry at university is a wonderful thing to do. But more important is to read poetry, and write poetry, every day. It doesn't have to be for long. If just once a day, people would read a poem instead of picking up their phone, I guarantee you the world would be a better place.

from The Bee Sting, by Paul Murray (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2023)


Maybe you're like me and enjoy both a good list and the idea of being well-organized. (Write every day? Ha!) Here are some places to read about new poetry titles.

Literary Hub

Sylvia Vardell's Poetry for Children. Sneak Peak List 2024.

Publishers Weekly. A long list and a Top Ten for spring 2024.

The Millions. Winter 2024.

The Poetry Friday roundup for February 2nd takes place at A(nother) Year of Reading; our host is the most marvelous Mary Lee Hahn.

Photo by ST. Part of the mural at LifeBridge Community Services, Bridgeport, CT.


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Thank you! I need a list or two or ten.

Ha! Exactly, Linda.

Love the quote, too, and all the wealth of poetry! Thanks!

Loving that inspirational door!

I'm rarely a list person. Just when I go to town (90mins away) or when I'm packing to go away. Or if I find that night comes and I find another important job undone... Then I might start a list. Mine is mental. Or do it instantly. (When I read this, I'm thinking this may be why I've been saying that I need more headspace - a lot, lately!)

I love lists! Thanks, Susan. And I put The Bee Sting on my TBR list.

Susan, great advice! You can't go wrong with writing practice and lists. I love a good list. Thank you for the list of places to find new poetry. Greatly appreciated!

Linda B., Kathryn, and Rose, thanks for stopping by! One reason I posted that excerpt above was to remind myself to do the same: put down the phone and read.

You're welcome, Tracey!

Susan, thank you for these lists! Oh, my, I'm overwhelmed, but it is fun to look through them. My style is to choose one or two, and then wait until others recommend more later. I'm so new to reading poetry, that I'm catching up on old titles all the time. I love that quote from The Bee Sting. So much truth there! It reminded me of something Kim Stafford writes in the foreword of Ask Me by William Stafford, "He (William Stafford) was an ambassador for the possibility of peace through poetry." Poetry offers so much hope and goodness to the world.

So many books out there! It is hard to know where to start. I paste these lists here in the hopes that I will do better with my own reading.

Love that door! "Community over competition" is my favorite, but they all go together. And that quote! YES! (Bee Sting is on my Audible wishlist now. I need a good listen.) Thanks!

It's a cool mural! I like that "community over competition," too.

You can also read a poem ON your phone, like the POETRY app from the Poetry Foundation. Just saying. :-)

I love your contribution to making this world better -- offering poetry links! Thank you, Susan!

Oh yay for lists. I just made a list of books I can't wait to read! Thank you!

I am judging the Lee Bennet Hopkins Award, so I have boxes of poetry to read. It's truly overwhelming yet gratifying that there is so much poetry in the world. We need it.

We are indeed lucky to have all this poetry around. Thank you for stopping by, everyone!

Thanks for sharing all these lists. I'm a big list person and appreciate all the links. If only there were a wee bit more time...

Thanks, Susan--for the lists and the quote!

Oh I do love a list - especially a list that is all about poetry! I've been reading (at least) one poem a day for several years now, since getting a poem-a-day anthology as a gift, and I have to agree with Miss Grehan in the quote above.

Molly, yes to more time! I did follow my own advice and started reading a book of poetry this morning. Such a nice way to begin the day.

Laura, you are welcome. Congrats on your books landing on some nice lists, too!

Elisabeth, what a nice gift. I may have to copy you with the poem a day.

Thanks for the poetry lists and links Susan! Hadn't hear of The M illions, and Yes to reading and writing poetry!

I'm still reading The Bee Sting, and am waiting for that character in the quote to show up again. We'll see! The Millions does good roundups of books to look for. Thanks for visiting, Michelle.

Oh, I love a list, especially one involving poetry and literature. :D
I adore that door, too. It's hard to pick a favorite quote from among those, but I do love, "We rise by lifting others."

Thanks, Susan!

I like that one, too, Karen. This photo is of one of the doors at a social services agency. What good work they do! Some of the local kids were involved in painting the mural.

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