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Great list. Thanks for the info. I will be coming back to check for more lists. I'm especially interested in the Science lists.

What a great idea to post all these lists in one place. Thank you so much!

Oh thank you for the links! :o)

You're welcome, everyone. I can't resist a good list!

Wow! This was more helpful than Google (although Google did lead me here). Thank you!

You're so welcome. Thanks for stopping by!

wow! what an amazing compilation! bravo Susan! thanks for sharing!

Stella, you're welcome! I've had a great time scanning the I'net for resources.

OMG, I'm exhausted just from thinking about how long it must have taken you to do this.


You're so welcome, Lisa! I work on it a little every day, so the project is really not burdensome at all.

Great site, and very helpful lists. I am a new author myself of a children's book and take great interest in all children's material.
I will check your site often.
Many thanks,
Irene Harvey
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Thanks for the nice words.

Hi Susan,
Here's one that's new to me. It's called the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards.
Lots of *interesting* titles.

Thanks, Tricia. I added the Moonbeam awards; looks like they're for independently published books.

Hi Susan,
The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books has published their blue ribbon awards for books published in 2008.

Thanks for maintaining this comprehensive list.

Okay, in my neverending quest to find additional science titles, I've come across one more. It is the Booklist Editors' Choice: Books for Youth, 2008.

Tricia, you are the Bouquet of Awesomeness this morning. thank you. I'd seen the BCCB at your blog. Will add the others. I LOVE the science books, too. Have you ever been on a panel of the NSTA awards? Love those!

For people who are looking for good books fast, the awards and the year-end best lists can be helpful, I hope.

A couple that are on different calendars (announcing their awards the following summer) but excellent choices for multicultural and/or nature books are the Skipping Stones Honor Awards ( for multicultural and environmental books and teaching resources, and the Americas Award, given to outstanding books about Latin America and the Latino experience (

Thank you, Susan, for this AMAZINGLY comprehensive collection of lists, and for the great honor of having my poetry list included! I'm tickled e-pink! :-) Sylvia

Lyn, thank you for mentioning those; when the committees announce the winners later in the year, I will add them to this list. I'm going to need a calendar marked with announcement dates!

Sylvia, you have a great list! I HAD to add it-- too good a resource to pass up.

Your site is a great idea. My first children's fantasy book, 'The Book of Funtastic Adventures,' Subtitle 'Silly Bedtime Stories to Make Children & Parents Laugh' is published and with the Moonbeams 2009 awards. I hope you have time to check it out and add it to your list. I have now just completed the 'Second Book of Funtastic Adventures.' Pop Pop.

tank you for infprmation.

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