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I encourage my nephews and neices to read and to stimulate the imagination from what they read. Every occassion during the year they get a book token and a visit to the book shop to choose the next big read.

Thanks for compiling these lists! What a great resource!
- AZ

Thanks for compiling these lists every year, Susan!

Great resource! Thanks!

AZ, Jama, and Mary Lee, you're welcome! Once the holidays starting coming around, I start itching to make a list now!

this is SUCH a great resource. you rawk!

You're very welcome, Marjorie. I have a few I need to add today!

Thanks for putting this list together Susan, this is great. I wonder how long it's going to take until we see interactive digital storybooks on this list... Maybe next year we might see some StoryPlease stuff on here?

Hey, we can dream, right? ;)


Hey, StoryPleasers. I think we'll be seeing ebooks on the Best of 2010 list next year!

Great List. A link is going up on site! Shutta

Thanks! I have a lot of fun compiling the list.

I'm disappointed to see that ghostgirl and ghostgirl: homecoming didn't make the list. Have you had a chance to read them?

my bro-in-law just asked for a book for a 14-yr-old reluctant reader (girl, likes soccer and violin, not so much into boys). your list of lists is getting my detective skillz tingling! thanks again for providing such a major service.

Majorie, sure thing! I'm using other (grown-up) Best Of lists to buy books for my mom and dad. The Philadelphia Inquirer has a good one in which many staff people suggested titles.

Thelia, which list are you referring to? There are many on this page.

This is not a list of individual books. I've left that up to others!

Great list! I just linked to it from my own top 10 YA books of 2009 list. :)

Hi Susan,
Happy New Year! The January 2010 issue of BookLinks has a list of Lasting Connections, a list of the 30 picture books, novels, and nonfiction books that most effectively connect to the K–8 curriculum. You can find it online at:

Thanks for the nice words and the link, Kelly!

Tricia, excellent! Thank you.

a list of lists, this is great!

Wow, that was an excellent list!

Thanks for doing this round-up, Susan!

I posted my best books of 2009 list at Bildungsroman - both at the live blog and the archive website.

Fantastic list. Thanks!
And thanks for calling yourself Chicken Spaghetti, which made me smile.

Thanks so much for this amazing resource!

Here's another award:

Red Maple Award (Canadian)

There's a number of selections on the finalist list. Canadian youth are encouraged to read and vote on what they think is the best.

Hi Susan! I just want to let you know that I am very that I found your site. I just notice that my nephews’ and niece’s children bookcase don’t have enough books in them and I thought of giving them some as a gift. Your list is definitely what I needed. I am very grateful that I came across your site. I really admire you for sparing some time to put up this list. I believe a lot of people can benefit from this. I hope you continue sharing more helpful stuff here on your blog. Keep it up and thanks again!

Hello! It's my first time to comment here and I am glad I've found this blog of yours. :) Nice blog setup..

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